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Yah Boo! Playlist
“The heroes of epic stories – for adults – in days gone by often taunted their enemies after they had knocked them off their horses on to the ground. Taunts, threats and gibes can be expressed in very satisfying poetry.
All the rhymes here show a certain feeling of superiority over someone: just as the song at the end of them does.
They include rhymes which are meant to be shouted or chanted at (or sometimes just about) show-offs, liars, tell-tales, sissies, simpletons, teachers and policemen.”— Hugh Shields, 1971
Enjoy the 11 recordings in the Yay Boo Playlist and/or Return to the Songbook for more detailed information on each item. Please note the Songbook may contain extra songs and rhymes which Hugh and Lisa documented only in writing and no sound file exists.

Yah Boo!