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Below is a list of riddle titles which feature in the Dusty Bluebells project along with their relevant answers.
What goes over the water?: Answer: AN EGG IN A DUCK’S BELLY
What goes round the house? [one]: Answer: A HEN WITH HER CHICKENS
What goes through the wood?: Answer: SNOW
What goes round the house? [two]: Answer: A SHEEP
Riddle me, riddle me, randy-bo: Answer: INK AND PAPER
Wee Jinny with the red nose: Answer: A CANDLE
As white as snow: Answer: A BLACKBERRY
Teachtaire beag ó theach go teach: Answer: A FOOTPATH (Casán)
Tá bean beag amuigh ansin: Answer: A BEE (Beachóg)
There was a fiddler in Dublin: Answer: THE FIDDLER IN DUBLIN WAS A WOMAN
How many feet?: Answer: ONLY TWO (sheep have hooves and dogs have paws)
If there were twenty-six sheep–: Answer: NINETEEN (the questioner tells the victim that what he really said was ‘twenty sick sheep’
If a fella met a fella: Answer: THERE ARE NO Fs IN THAT (T-H-A-T)
As I went through yon guttery gap: Answer: A BOTTLE OF STOUT
As I went up a slithery gap: Answer: A CHERRY
As I went over Corny Hill: Answer: THE SPOKES OF A CART’S WHEEL
As I went ower Carnearney hill: ANSWER: ‘A cart-wheel . . . . The foremost one was the horse; he was the only one that could see. And the four and twenty wee things were the spokes in the wheels. As the wheel went round the one behind was coming to the front every time.’